Blackberry Pictures- the phone, not the fruit

8 Jul

I am going to try and be better at taking pictures of things that I make but for now, here are a couple pictures that I’ve taken with my phone(please excuse the Blackberry, pictures just aren’t it’s forte).

Raw Vegan Mallomars from Pure 2 Raw

Raw MallomarsYou should get the recipe off of the website i linked to, but I did make some changes.  I used pepitas in the crust and added cacao nibs too.  AND I kind of ruined the chocolate sauce I made for the top, so that’s still warm melted chocolate chips.  You can’t will them all, people.  They were delicious, finger-licking good.  I gave them to a friend, who hoarded them.  I don’t blame her.  OH, they were also mini’s, which were so cute.

My lunch spread for three days at work

Going clockwise from the big container in the top left, we have NINE raw springrolls containing a slaw mix and simple dressing, cucumbers and beets. Next we have raw baby peppers and cherry tomatoes to dip in (next) wasabi hummus, and then fresh strawberries and finally easy peanut sauce( Recipe Found Here) for spring roll dip-age.  I actually ended up dipping the spring rolls into the Wasabi hummus because it make them taste like sushi rolls- minus the throat burning and nose clearing pure wasabi effect.  All of this was Meredith and/or mother nature made.  No cooking, just mixing of ingredients.  Gotta love easy.  I took all of this and left it in the fridge at work and it lasted for Monday-Wednesday lunches.

BEST BREAKFAST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I’m so not kidding)

I bought a two pound package of fresh blueberries from Costco and after using them in everything from oatmeal to salads, I had to use the end up by making some Saturday brunch muffins. (brunch, more like late lunch.  No Judgement, it was Saturday.)  AND I happen to also make a stellar chai spice latte, sweetened with GRADE B(the only kind you’ll ever need to know about) maple syrup and creamed up with some delicious almond milk.  Stellar.  No other words necessary.  And then I went ahead and broke my french press.  It’s ok(kind of) because this breakfast-ahem, lunch snack- was so worth it!!!  I used Mama Pea’s recipe and HOLY COW, I’ve made them four times since I first sank my teeth into these muffins(which I used Jumbo cups and they kinda ran over.  Let’s not kid ourselves and think that you’ll only have one regular sized muffin, because you won’t.) After the first batch I ditched the whole muffin thing and just made a freaking cake.  AND I doubled the topping, and used Sucanat instead of sugar.  I also made a gluten free version using Chickpea flour.  Not bad, not great, but they’re for a very special friend who can’t handle gluten.  the GF version needs a bit of work, but she’s still getttin a big ol’ slab of that cake and she’s gonna like it too!!!

Tofu Keeeeeeesh(who really knows how to spell that anyway)

It was actually a tofu scramble I made as a ketchup delivery system.  I like my ketchup.  This turned out great though too, just don’t forget the ketchup.  It had rainbow chard(insert immature giggle here, because I think saying the word “chard” is funny) and turmeric and leeks in it.  It was fantastic and a wonderful easy dinner.  No recipe, this was a Meredith original.  Do you see the pan it was made in?  Yeah, she’s my first Le Creuset pan.  It’s actually the lid to the pot I bought, two in one, gotta love it.  Her name is Rosie, in honor of my beloved old car.  I needed some red flash in my life and Rosie fills that void.  LOVE HER.  Have a great day folks, I’ll be back later with some more recent eats and a few “weird” ingredients!!!  Until next time Foodies!!!


One Response to “Blackberry Pictures- the phone, not the fruit”

  1. Libby July 8, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

    There’s a very good chance I licked my phone screen (again) after looking at your eats!!!! I’d post a pic of me doing so, but I would absolutely offend other MEWS readers 😉 Ahhh totally can’t wait for a day of meal planning/shopping/eating/cooking with you! You are just so darn creative! Keep up the good work girl 🙂 love, your #1 blog stalka’!

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