WHEATGRASS, the new love in my life!!!

11 Jul

After a sleepless night- which are few and far between for me because I sleep like the dead- and a very early decision to get up and go to work early to finish off two presentations and get a head start on Monday reports, a quad shot latte from Starbucks, and getting into the office around 6:15am I decided my body needed some TLC when it came to lunch. I’ve been hearing about Fresh Cafe Market(sorry their website is down right now) that is right down the road from my office, I had my sights set on wheatgrass. I’ve never had it but I have always wanted to try it and today seemed like the right time. I also didn’t drink a whole lot of water yesterday and my kidneys are screaming like I bathed them in tequila, gin and vodka in a quick 4 hour time period(yes it has happened, no it hasn’t happened in a while). So, off to find FRESH. I ordered their wheatgrass lemonade and the fallafel wrap. OHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I will now be forwarding my grocery budget to them. Not only was the fallafel wrap so fresh with olives, cucumbers, greens, hummus, and fallafels but the lemonade. Holy wow, people. I savored every last bit of it. It tasted like an earthier less sweet version of a granny smith apple. Pure refreshment. I can’t wait to get more!!!! My coffee addiction might turn into a wheatgrass addiction………………………..or I’ll just have two addictions. YES, that seems like a better fit!!! Ok, well go out there and drink some grass!!!!!!! And you’ll thank me later!


PS: I’ve been so energized and productive today, its unreal!!!!


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