I’ve come to suck your blood, HA-HA!!!!!

13 Jul

I. Drink. ALOT.

NO, this absolutely does not mean I’m an alcoholic.  Put down the phone and save that number for AA for someone else.  I’m talking about smoothies, juice, and water.  I’ve always drank a lot, no matter what it is.  I drink close to 60-80 ounces of water a day, easily.  That’s not counting the morning coffee and/or other liquids consumed in a day.  I usually always have a sip-worthy drink in my hand at all times.  As I stated in my previous post, my kidneys have been acting a bit funny so after the Wheatgrass wonderfulness, I decided that I needed to start adding a daily juice to my diet. I get a bi-weekly produce bin thanks to Prudent Produce (if you’re in the Des Moines area, I HIGHLY recommend you call Angie and get set up.  It is so worth the money and she’s a peach to deal with.) and I had some apples and carrots that were just begging to be juiced.  I also had stopped by  Campbell’s Nutrition (my FAVE place to get my many weird items) and picked up some beets.  I have an obsession with beets.  Their color is intoxicating and it makes me shiver with delight when I eat/drink that radiant color!!!!  I also had some fresh ginger on hand, so that was the mix I juiced when I got home on night. The first one I think I got a bit too much ginger in it, it burned a bit.  Not a bad burn, just a really strong ginger flavor that masked the other ones.  Still good, still got guzzled.  The next morning I wasn’t feeling a smoothie, so I juiced!

Doesn’t it look like blood in there?  All vampire jokes aside……..this was delicious.  AND it filled me up until way after 1pm.  I think I also added a kiwi to this.  Either way, it was phenomenal.

Sidenote: I have been trying to find something that will fill me up and leave me not hungry for the entire morning until lunchtime, oddly enough, this is the first thing to hold me over for that long.

Another one of my juice concoctions: Orange/Carrot(my fave color is orange, so this juice is near and dear to my heart). It tastes like an Orange Julius I used to have at the mall with my grandma and grandpa when I was little.


Another one of my sip-able obsessions: smoothies.   Whether they are fruity, coffee-y, chocolatey, etc I am obsessed with making every single type.  I have a friend.  She might remain nameless, for now.  We are kindred spirits.  We both have obsessions with protein powder. If I’m going to drink it, it might as well be healthy, right?  Well, said friend turned me onto this website and things have never been the same.  So. Many. Flavors. to choose from.  We ordered eight flavors.  We split all eight between the two of us and had one unforgettable night testing/splitting/licking counter tops(don’t you dare judge me)/laughing/talking about all of the different flavors we had purchased.  So, the rundown of what we purchased:

Pineapple- no need to say more, I have a slight pineapple obsession and I’m almost out of this flavor.

Key Lime Pie- it needs a lot of sour juice to go with it because its a bit too sweet for me but delish nonetheless.

Peanut Butter- eh, I use it when I don’t want to taste the protein flavor

Peach- Holy wow, I made a peach cobbler flavor when I mixed this and Cake Batter.

Cake Batter- I licked every inch of that counter to make sure none went to waste

Watermelon- an unexpected surprise.  It is being put to good use this summer

Coconut- the perfect food, in all shapes and sizes. I’ll probably get it unsweetened next time, but still so good.

Cookies and Cream- ah, the flavor that is at the root of my newest smoothie obsession.  I usually make a protein mix along the lines of this recipe(I’ve tried the mixes that she modeled the recipe after and the flavors don’t come close to the homemade kind. Not to mention the boatloads of cash it saves me  AND she did all of the nutritional work and recipe formulation for you, how awesome is that???)  And I had made a chocolate mix with the C&C flavor but hadn’t used it because I’m usually craving something fruity.

Well after a broken french press coffee pot, I started cold brewing my coffee. I was already going to ice it down anyway, but then I thought about freezing some of my cold press coffee. Not a new thought, but sometimes the coffee gets funky if it sits in the fridge too long so what the heck.  THEN the wheels started turning.

Coffee Icecubes

Protein Powder

Added cocoa powder for more chocolateyness

almond milk to make it smooth

Banana for propriety’s sake


Race out the door, to make sure your’e not late to work when you only drive a mile(again, don’t judge me). BUT don’t forget to savor this chocolately wonderfulness. This usually holds me to like 10:30ish unless I drink it really slow or if I have coffee with almond milk to help tide me over.  BUT its so good and good for you!!! Ok, this is a long post(and again, please excuse the pics from my phone) so I’ll say hasta luego for now!



3 Responses to “I’ve come to suck your blood, HA-HA!!!!!”

  1. Libby July 14, 2011 at 1:00 am #

    I love everything about this post! Makes me SUPER excited for your coffee bean shaped ice cube trays. So perfect for that last one! And so happy you are loving that juicer and getting good use from it! Can’t wait for more counter licking parties with you….:-) PS, you are a creative cuisine GENIUS!

    • The Weirdo July 14, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

      LOVE love LOVE love the juicer, and I’m totally ordering more protein sometime very soon. and THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Deanna July 27, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

    I hadn’t thought of juicing beets and I have some from my CSA box that are just going begging. Juice it is!

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