About the Weirdo

I love the Lord, protein smoothies make me swoon, raw desserts make my tongue happy, juicing is fantastic, I eat beets(a lot) and being vegan is the bee’s knees.

I’m a twenty-something living in middle-America who grew up in a farming community, meaning we slaughtered Red and Oinky who lived in our barn and we ate them along with the half of beef that used to roam in the field across from my house.  I’m the girl who loaded up more cheese on her mac’n’cheese and slathered pizza with pounds more of mozz than it needed.  Post college I found myself in a big city, not my dream job(or dream salary for that matter) in a cheap/horrendous apartment on the not-so-great side of town.  I improvised.  I cut out meat to save on the grocery bill, and it just kinda stuck.  I had a few relapses but for the most part I stuck with the vegetarianism.  It worked, I was healthier(I’ll use that term loosely, but that’s an entirely different post) and my cooking got exponentially better.  I loved to cook but cutting out meat opened up a whole new world of cooking options.

Fast forward two upgraded living situations, and a stellar upgraded job and a new vegan friend to cook for……………..and I’m daily fighting off major migraines that are blinding and debilitating.  This didn’t make sense, so I went to the doctor and got some pills.  They didn’t work.  One whirlwind trip to my FIRST Whole Foods one weekend proved to be more eye opening than this kid was standing in Whole Foods’ produce section.  Dairy was the root of all evil; dairy was the cause of my migraines.  The more I ate, the more I hurt.  SO the only logical progression was to transition my way into being vegan.  So that’s the root of Meredith Eats Weird Stuff.  My family are all carnivores, and to me it really doesn’t matter.  Its a personal choice and this is mine.  BUT they do like to give me weird looks when they see things like Irish Moss or Coconut “Fake-un” come out of my kitchen.  It may be weird, but it will always be delicious.  Questions, comments, concerns, etc. shoot me an email: mereditheatsweirdstuff at gmail dot com.


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